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922 Waltham St #202 Lexington, MA 02421

922 Waltham St #202 Lexington, MA 02421

Dental Fillings Lexington MA

Dental fillings are a common procedure. It is used to fill in cavities, cracks, correct broken or worn teeth. Typically, a dental filling consists of numbing the affected area, removing the decay, filling the tooth, and assuring your bite is comfortable. It is important to consider a dental filling for cavities, chipped and broken teeth. Bacteria is likely to colonize inside the tooth which could lead to infection and tooth loss.

Tooth damage like cracks can be unnoticeable without a professional dental exam. Patients may or may not notice the following symptoms:

  • Sharp pain
  • Pain while drinking or eating
  • Feeling as if something is stuck in between teeth

How can teeth become damaged?

Teeth are durable with proper care but can become damaged by due to:

  • Chewing on hard food or objects
  • Injury
  • Bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding)
  • Tooth enamel loss
  • Exposing a tooth to extreme hot and cold temperatures

Patients can experience pain if the crack travels to the tooth’s pulp. You may notice pain while biting or afterwards. The pulp is soft tissue made of nerves and blood vessels. If the pulp becomes infected, a root canal treatment is likely needed to save the tooth. This procedure requires a dental filling and crown to restore and protect the tooth.

What kind of dental fillings are available?

Popular dental fillings include amalgam, composite, metal, and ceramic. Each of these materials are durable. However, patients tend to choose composite due to its tooth-like color and relatively affordable cost.

Is the procedure painful?

The area is numbed for comfort during the procedure. Some patients may experience sensitivity afterwards, which is normal. Nonetheless, the discomfort usually fades on its own.

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Identifying dental issues early on is best to avoid extensive dental work. Schedule a dental exam today. We will recommend the best treatment options to protect and enhance your dental health. Call (781) 861-7645 or book an appointment here.

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