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Best Dentist Near Me: What is Teeth Replacement?

Best Dentist Near Me | Senior couple smiling.

Best Dentist Near Me

Best Dentist Near Me | If you have recently found yourself entering the Google search term, Best Dentist Near Me, you may be looking for any number of dental treatments. Understandably, people want the very best dentist near me to perform treatments like teeth replacement.

This is because replacing missing teeth is essential for good oral health. Fortunately, you have a few treatment options available to you for replacing missing teeth.

Learn more below and contact our best dentist near me today.

Fixed Dental Bridge

The fixed dental bridge is an option for replacing teeth that might work for you if you have one or more missing teeth located in the same area. This treatment basically bridges the gap left by missing teeth with the use of an artificial tooth or a dental prosthetic. Adjacent teeth are used for attaching the prosthetic, which is bonded with the use of dental cement.

Removable Partial Dentures

If you need a replacement for all of your teeth, you may be advised to get complete dentures. But if only some teeth need replacement, a removable partial denture may make more sense. It involves the use of a natural-appearing pink base attached to replacement teeth.

Your remaining natural teeth provide stability and help retain the base in place. Some are available using clasps connected to natural teeth.

In addition, the plastic base of this type of teeth replacement resembles the color of natural gum tissue. However, it may be an option for you if you require replacement of multiple teeth in one area of the mouth.

Dental Implants

For most people, dental implants are the best teeth replacement option available. They represent remarkable advancements in dental technology that provide more options than ever before for patients looking for treatment to replace teeth.

A dental implant is a type of implanted structure that consists of three components that are installed separately. If you were to get a dental implant, your first appointment would involve the implantation of a metal post made from a titanium alloy. Titanium is selected because, combined with other metals, it is strong and not expected to react in any way with the human body.

Furthermore, after your metal post has fused with your jawbone which takes a few months. The dentist will place an abutment on top of it. The purpose of the abutment is to allow for a dental implant to cap the entire structure, serving as an aesthetic and functional tooth replacement.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Incredibly stable: Firmly anchored within the jawbone. Will not slip or fall out.
  • Highly durable: Can be expected to last for a lifetime if properly cared for.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional: Closely mimics both the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth.

Schedule Your Consultation

In conclusion, our best dentist near me is a professional who offers the very latest in dental technology. We help you replace your teeth in a way that meets your individual treatment goals. If you would like to further explore your treatment options for replacing missing teeth, contact and schedule a consultation with our Best Dentist Near Me today at (781) 861-7645.


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