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Dentists in Lexington MA: Treating Periodontal Disease with LANAP and LAPIP

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Dentists in Lexington MA

Dentists in Lexington MA | Dentists in Lexington MA have been leading the charge in providing revolutionary technology for treating forms of periodontal disease. The innovative dental technology known as LANAP and LAPIP help treat periodontitis by regenerating gum tissue instead of using resection.

Instead of just offering conventional methods of treatment for gum disease, like scaling and root planing, dentists who are on the forefront of dental technology now offer LANAP and LAPIP that does not rely upon the use of scalpels and sutures. Instead, a special laser is used for the removal of diseased soft tissues. Since no cutting is involved, the procedure is less invasive and offers patients the benefit of significantly faster healing times. For this reason, many patients are recommended to speak with their dentists in Lexington MA about the procedure.

LAPIP is a similar procedure to LANAP. It is used for the treatment of gum tissue inflammation around the bones supporting a dental implant. Although implants are almost indestructible, the gum tissue and bone surrounding them are organic and can be affected by disease processes just like normal teeth.

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How LANAP Works

Dentists are aware that lost periodontal tissue can not come back. But that is now possible using LANAP, which is a type of laser regeneration helping patients dealing with gum disease achieve, once again, attractive, healthy smiles.

If you are to undergo a LANAP procedure, the following steps will occur:

  • Begins with the administration of local anesthesia to ensure your comfort
  • Measuring pocket depths for future reference
  • Laser’s first pass removes infected tissue and bacterial infection
  • Ultrasonic instruments used to smooth and clean root surfaces
  • A second laser pass further disinfects the pocket
  • Lax tissue presses against the tooth for the creation of a solid seal that encourages healing
  • Recovery and attachment occurs over the following 12 months

LAPIP for Dental Implant Inflammation

Dental implants have an incredible success rate of over 95%; however, some people fall into that 5% group. A condition called peri-implantitis can undermine the foundation that the dental implant relies upon for stability. Peri-implatitis is basically gum disease; however, it occurs around a dental implant rather than a natural tooth. It is also unable to access the region around an implant. The condition is due to poor oral hygiene. It runs the risk of causing the failure of the affected implant.

LAPIP is basically the same technology as LANAP, except the dentist uses it for a different purpose. It can save implants that are leading towards failing because of peri-implantitis. Your dental provider will be using the same laser for targeting disease tissue and fostering its regeneration without needing stitches or sutures.

Who are LANAP and LAPIP for?

These innovative treatments make a suitable choice for many patients suffering from chronic gum disease. However, the only way to determine if you would make a suitable candidate for one of these procedures is to schedule a consultation with our dentists in Lexington MA. They will provide a thorough evaluation of your oral health and help you select the best treatment for your individual needs.

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