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Frenectomy: Why You Need It and When to Fix Your Frenum


Dental issues can significantly impact overall health and well-being. These conditions can cause pain and discomfort. It can also negatively affect one’s academic or professional life because it may affect their ability to speak, eat, and eat confidently, especially if they need to socialize with people regularly. 

Although teeth and gum problems are common, sometimes the very thing that affects one’s ability to live confidently is under the tongue. Fortunately, you can fix your tongue tie by scheduling a professional frenectomy at your nearest dental clinic. However, you may wonder why it’s essential and when to correct your frenum.

If you want to talk and eat more confidently, this article will define frenectomy, its significance, how it works, and when patients should get one. 

What Is a Frenum?

A frenum is a delicate tissue of elastic and striated muscle fibers. It connects the lips and gums in different mouth areas, including under the tongue. Frena also helps keep mobile organs in place, allowing for proper speech, swallowing, and mouth movement. Moreover, they can vary in length and thickness and come in labial, lingual, and buccal types.

5 Types of Frenum 

After describing the frenum, this section will enumerate the different types of frenum. 

1. Labial Frenum 

The labial frenum is a band that connects the lips to the gums. A compromised one can cause issues like mouth breathing, diastema, gum tissue loss, poor oral care, and difficulty breastfeeding.

2. Lingual Frenum 

The lingual frenum is a tissue beneath the tongue connecting it to the bottom of the mouth. Tongue tie is the most prevalent issue associated with this tissue.

3. Buccal Frenum 

The buccal frena are soft tissue strands connecting your gums to your cheeks. When compromised, it can cause oral dysfunction and damage the tissue around your teeth, resulting in deep pockets. When you have these concerns, you may need to schedule a frenectomy. 

4. Superior Labial Frenulum 

This tissue connects the upper lip to the gums in the upper jaw.

5. Inferior Labial Frenulum

The frenulum labii inferioris is a small connecting tissue that joins the lower gums and lip.

Tongue Tie: What Is It and What Dental Issues Can It Cause? 

Ankyloglossia is a condition that restricts the movement of the tongue. It happens because of a thick and short frenum that develops before birth. This abnormality limits the tongue’s normal functions and can lead to mouth issues. 

Tongue-tie can cause breastfeeding difficulties, speech impediments, swallowing issues, and pain while eating and talking. It may also result in aesthetic problems and prevent the patient from brushing their teeth properly. 

How Can I Determine If My Little One Is Tongue-Tied?

Your child could suffer from a tongue tie if they struggle to lift and stick the tongue past the lower gums. They may also have this condition if it has a heart-shaped or notched appearance when extending it outward. 

How Does a Frenectomy Work?

This surgical procedure removes the frenum tissue, usually to correct an issue with a tight or short frenum. It’s a quick and straightforward procedure that a professional dentist can do by numbing and creating a small incision or laser surgery for less tissue damage. Also, most people experience immediate benefits and minimal discomfort post-surgery.

When Should Patients Get a Frenectomy?

A dentist can perform a frenectomy for young children to prevent future diastemas. However, if you have permanent teeth, orthodontic procedures can’t close all gaps, and this surgery won’t bring already-spaced teeth together. These professionals recommend completing orthodontic treatment before considering a frenectomy. After closing the opening, the dentist can evaluate if the frenum was the issue.


No child or adult deserves to suffer from tongue-tie because it can negatively affect their health and self-esteem. You can eat, talk, and smile more confidently by consulting your nearest professional dentist and scheduling a frenectomy. 

If you or your child needs a professional frenectomy near Lexington, MA, for your tongue tie, visit Lexington Smile Studio! Our clinic is ready to help our patients live confidently with our professional services. Schedule an appointment now!


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