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4 Things You Need to Know before Getting Dental Veneers

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What is the main purpose of veneers? Well, they help your teeth look better! Whether you’re trying to hide permanent stains or simply hide injured teeth, dental veneers can help bring back that beautiful smile of yours.

That said, if you are interested in getting veneers, it first pays to know a couple of things about it before you get it done! Here are some of the things you should know:

The Process Will Require Multiple Visits

The process of getting a dental veneer will require multiple visits. The process will start with your initial consultation appointment and schedule your next appointment to get the veneers.

During your consultation, the dentist will examine your teeth and determine the right shape, size, color, and surface of the veneer that you want. The dentist will also take your picture before the consultation appointment. In the process, an impression of the teeth will also be made to create the veneers.

Once that’s done, you will be sent home and then notified at a later date to set up an appointment to get the veneers to be fitted on your teeth.

The Procedure Is Painless and Quick

One of the reasons why people are interested in getting this type of procedure done is because of how painless and quick it is. While veneers are not as quick as getting a filling or a tooth removed, it does not hurt too much.

Keep in mind, however, that a local anesthetic may be applied if required. This is usually the case if tooth decay is the underlying problem of your teeth. The dentist will use the anesthetic to ensure you don’t experience pain while the tissue is being removed, after which the veneers will be placed.

Veneers Can Last a Long Time

It is important to know that dental veneers can last up to 15 years at least. The biggest factor in how long your dental veneers will last is how well you take care of them, along with the material they’re made of, which will get to in a bit.

As a rule of thumb, you should always brush your teeth and floss at least twice a day. This will help keep your veneers pristine. You can also use whitening toothpaste to keep the veneers looking as white as they can be.

There Are Different Types of Veneers

As mentioned earlier, veneers can be made from different materials. Some are porcelain, others composite, and there are still a few others. Either way, most, if not all, of these veneers can easily last you ten years.

Again, while the material may have a huge impact on how long it lasts, keep in mind that good oral habits trumps all! It can be the difference between a veneer lasting a measly five years versus one that goes past 10.


The bottom line is that dental veneers are fantastic dental procedures to have. You can get it done as a stand-alone procedure or as a part of a more comprehensive dental plan. Either way, dental veneers can greatly improve the way your teeth look. And, now that you know more about veneers, we hope you’re more confident going into the procedure and, in the end, know that you’ll come out with a stunning smile!

Lexington Smile Studio offers exceptional dental services to help anyone and everyone get the stunning smile they deserve. If you are looking for the best veneers in Boston, get in touch with us today!


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