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9 Common Things People Ask about LANAP Laser Gum Procedure

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LANAP laser gum procedure is a minimally invasive way to treat gum disease. It is performed using a specialized laser that targets and removes infected tissue while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. The procedure effectively treats both early and progressive stages of gum disease.

People often have questions about the LANAP laser gum procedure, its benefits, and whether it suits them. Here are answers to six of the most common questions about this gum disease treatment.

1. How Does LANAP Laser Gum Procedure Work?

The LANAP laser targets and removes diseased gum tissue while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. The laser energy vaporizes the diseased tissue, which is then removed by suction. This leaves a clean, healthy surface for the regrowth of healthy gum tissue.

2. Is LANAP Laser Gum Procedure Right for Me?

Your dentist may recommend a LANAP laser gum procedure if you have gum disease. The best approach to determine if this treatment is proper for you is to consult a dentist who offers this procedure.

3. How Does LANAP Compare to Traditional Gum Surgery?

Traditional gum surgery involves making an incision in the gums and removing diseased tissue. This can be a more invasive and painful procedure than LANAP. Additionally, traditional gum surgery often requires a more extended recovery period.

4. What Are the Benefits of LANAP?

There are many benefits to LANAP, including the fact that it is minimally invasive, can be performed in a single visit to the dentist, and does not require sutures or stitches. Additionally, LANAP is effective in treating periodontal disease and can help improve the gums’ overall health.

5. Who Is a Good Candidate for LANAP?

Most people with gum disease are good candidates for LANAP. However, your dentist will need to evaluate your specific case to determine if LANAP is the best treatment option.

6. What Is the Recovery Period Like after LANAP?

Most people experience minimal discomfort and swelling after LANAP. You can return to your normal activities on the same day as your procedure.

7. What Are the Risks Associated with LANAP?

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with LANAP. However, the chances are typically meager, and the process is considered safe. Some of the potential risks include bleeding, infection, and discomfort.

8. How Much Does LANAP Cost?

The cost of LANAP can vary, revolving around several factors, which include the severity of the periodontal disease, the number of teeth that need to be treated, and the LANAP dentist’s location. The procedure can cost anywhere from $2000 to $4000.

9. What Should I Expect during and after the Treatment?

LANAP dentist will inject you with a local anesthetic to desensitize the treatment area during treatment. The procedure itself takes about two hours. After LANAP treatment, you may experience some soreness and tenderness in the treatment area. 

Your LANAP dentist will give you specific instructions on how to care for your mouth following the procedure. It is essential to follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper healing.


The LANAP laser gum procedure is a safe and effective gum disease treatment. It is a minimally invasive operation that can be performed in a single office visit. The LANAP laser gum procedure is an option for traditional gum surgery. It is less painful and has a shorter recovery time. Most dental insurance plans cover the LANAP laser gum procedure.

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