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Laser Dentistry: Benefits, Procedure, and Treatment Types

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Laser methods are employed in Lexington cosmetic dentistry, although you may already be familiar with them from the medical and cosmetic surgery fields. 

Although lasers are used for many dental care options rather than just teeth whitening, you may already be aware of laser whitening procedures. 

Do common drills and sharp dental instruments give you nightmares and cause you to avoid the dentist frequently? The ideal treatment for you could then be laser dentistry.

Lexington dentist provides laser dentistry as a treatment choice for conditions of the hard and soft tissues, even though it is still uncommon in many dental offices. This less invasive method offers patients more benefits than other types of traditional dental care. 

When used, the focused laser beams aim at diseased or damaged tissue.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

“Light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation” is what the word “LASER” refers to. Dentists use laser technology to focus a concentrated light that responds to a particular tissue.

Each laser device produces a different wavelength to target other tissues. For example, soft tissue lasers target soft tissue like the gums, whereas hard tissue lasers target hard tissue like teeth and bone.

When you arrive for a dental laser process, your appointment will begin similarly to a typical dental operation. You could get some sedation or anesthetic, albeit at far lower amounts than would be required for traditional therapy. 

Most of the time, you won’t experience the vibrations and discomfort that occur with traditional dental drills, and you won’t experience much pain or discomfort. 

Laser dental treatments provide extra benefits and are often quicker and less expensive than traditional dental procedures.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

In addition to lessening or eliminating pain during dental procedures, laser dentistry offers patients some benefits. These might include:

  • Because laser treatment sterilizes the area while it is being applied, several surgeries can be conducted without anesthesia with a reduced risk of bacterial infections.
  • The laser helps blood coagulate, which reduces the need for sutures during various surgeries and speeds up healing
  • less pain and swelling after the procedure
  • The dentist can use lasers to target damaged tissue while ignoring healthy tissue, causing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Since it produces less anxiety and greater comfort, the sound of a dental drill is often enough to deter individuals from seeing the dentist. Since laser treatments are typically painless and silent, patients feel more at rest and peace while receiving them.

Procedure and Treatment Types For Laser Dentistry

Regarding laser dentistry, certain lasers are used to treat teeth, while others are used to treat soft tissues like gums. Each laser has a different wavelength and targets different tissue types, which is how they differ. 

For instance, because hemoglobin and water are easily absorbed by the light wavelengths used by soft tissue lasers, they may be beneficial in treating gum and tissue. 

Conversely, hard tissue lasers are ideal for some dental procedures because they have wavelengths that interact with the calcium phosphate salt present in your teeth and bones. The specific dental operation you require will determine the kind of laser your dentist uses.

Laser Dentistry Advanced Techniques

In addition to gentle and aggressive laser treatment options, laser dentistry has other applications. 

Certain lasers can help you avoid dental x-rays and the associated risks by identifying tooth decay before it is visible to the human eye. Your dentist can then do hard and soft tissue treatments to cure tooth decay.

Laser whitening is another well-liked laser dental technique that may help improve and brighten your smile. When your dentist uses whitening gel on your teeth, lasers expedite the procedure, making your smile visibly whiter and brighter.

The use of lasers has greatly enhanced the quality of bridges, veneers, and crowns. Your dentist may use Laser CAD/CAM technology to produce more precise tooth impressions, substantially enhancing patient comfort.


The kind of dental treatment known as ” laser dentistry near me” uses lasers to treat various dental issues. Lasers can be applied to whiten teeth, fix broken teeth, and treat tooth rot. Your smile may be improved safely and effectively with laser dentistry.

Dr. Fawn Rosenberg founded Lexington Smile Studio in 1991, and since then, we have offered a comprehensive spectrum of dental services for the whole family. Cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, implant dentistry, periodontics, and laser dentistry are some of our dental services. Visit us if you need laser dentistry near me


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