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922 Waltham St #202 Lexington, MA 02421

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Revitalize Your Smile with CO2 Laser Gum Treatment


Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a prevalent dental condition that, if left untreated, can result in tooth loss and serious health complications. At Lexington Smile Studio National Campaign, we are proud to offer CO2 laser gum treatment as an innovative, minimally invasive approach to treating gum disease. This cutting-edge technology uses focused light energy to promote healing, reduce inflammation and remove infected gum tissue with utmost precision and accuracy.

In this informative blog post, we will explore the CO2 laser gum treatment process, its benefits, and how it compares to traditional gum disease treatments. Our primary goal is to educate and inform patients about the newest dental technologies that can improve their oral health and overall well-being. By providing a comprehensive understanding of CO2 laser gum treatment, we enable our patients to make informed decisions regarding their dental care and treatment options at Lexington Smile Studio National Campaign.

Understanding Gum Disease: Causes and Symptoms

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a bacterial infection affecting the gum tissues and bone supporting the teeth. It occurs in two stages: gingivitis (mild inflammation and bleeding of gums) and periodontitis (severe gum infection resulting in tooth loss). The primary cause of gum disease is the buildup of plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms on teeth and gradually hardens into tartar.

Common symptoms of gum disease include:

1. Red, swollen, or tender gums

2. Bleeding gums during or after tooth brushing

3. Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth

4. Receding gums, resulting in teeth appearing longer

5. Loose teeth or changes in tooth alignment

Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to prevent the progression of gum disease and protect your overall oral health. CO2 laser gum treatment at Lexington Smile Studio National Campaign offers a modern, advanced approach to managing and eliminating gum disease effectively.

CO2 Laser Gum Treatment: The Process and Benefits

CO2 laser gum treatment utilizes focused carbon dioxide laser energy to target and remove infected gum tissues with high precision. The treatment process involves the following steps:

1. Assessment: Your dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your gums and oral cavity to determine the severity of the gum disease and if CO2 laser gum treatment is the most suitable option.

2. Anesthesia: Although CO2 laser gum treatment is minimally invasive and relatively painless, a local anesthetic may be utilized to ensure patient comfort during the procedure.

3. Laser treatment: The dentist uses a specialized CO2 laser to remove infected gum tissue and stimulate healthy tissue regeneration. The laser energy instantly vaporizes the targeted tissue, reducing bleeding and swelling.

4. Recovery: Due to the minimally invasive nature of this technique, CO2 laser gum treatment typically has a faster recovery time compared to traditional gum surgery.

The benefits of CO2 laser gum treatment extend beyond its effectiveness in treating gum disease. Some additional advantages include:

1. Minimally invasive: CO2 laser gum treatment requires no incisions or sutures, ensuring a more comfortable dental experience for patients.

2. Reduced bleeding and swelling: The CO2 laser cauterizes gum tissues during the procedure, reducing bleeding and swelling, promoting faster healing.

3. Less discomfort and shorter recovery: The gentle nature of CO2 laser gum treatment results in less discomfort during the procedure and a shorter recovery period.

4. Simultaneous sealing of blood vessels: The CO2 laser seals blood vessels during treatment, further minimizing bleeding and preventing the spread of bacteria.

Comparing CO2 Laser Gum Treatment with Traditional Gum Surgery

Traditional gum surgery, also known as flap surgery or osseous surgery, involves incisions, tissue removal, and suturing. It typically requires an extended recovery period due to the invasive nature of the procedure. On the other hand, CO2 laser gum treatment offers several advantages over traditional gum surgery:

1. Minimized discomfort: CO2 laser gum treatment results in less postoperative pain and discomfort compared to traditional gum surgery.

2. Lower risk of infection: The CO2 laser’s ability to seal blood vessels and instantly vaporize bacteria ensures a lower risk of infection.

3. Precision and accuracy: The focused laser energy offers greater precision and accuracy in targeting infected gum tissues without damaging the surrounding healthy tissues.

4. Faster healing and recovery: CO2 laser gum treatment promotes faster healing and a shorter recovery period, allowing patients to return to their daily routine more quickly.

Maintaining Healthy Gums Post-Treatment

To ensure optimal results following CO2 laser gum treatment, maintaining proper oral hygiene practices is essential. Some post-treatment care tips include:

1. Brush gently: Brush your teeth at least twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, taking care to brush gently around the treated area.

2. Floss daily: Flossing helps remove plaque and bacteria from spaces between teeth, preventing the buildup of tartar and the recurrence of gum disease.

3. Rinse with antiseptic mouthwash: An antiseptic mouthwash can help keep your gums healthy by fighting off bacteria and aiding in the healing process.

4. Regular dental check-ups: Schedule regular dental check-ups and cleanings to maintain overall oral health and monitor the success of CO2 laser gum treatment.


CO2 laser gum treatment offers an innovative, minimally invasive, and effective solution for treating gum disease. At Lexington Smile Studio National Campaign, we pride ourselves on implementing the latest dental technology to ensure the best possible care and experience for our patients. Trust our skilled dental professionals to guide you through the process of revitalizing your gums and improving your overall oral health.

Begin your journey towards healthier gums and a revitalized smile by scheduling a CO2 laser for tongue-tie consultation with our experts at Lexington Smile Studio National Campaign. Reclaim your confidence and embrace the transformative power of a radiant, healthy smile.


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