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CO2 Lip and Tongue Tie Release Treatments

CO2 Laser Release | Lip Tie | Tongue Tie | Infants | Children

– Difficult tongue movement
– Baby appears to be gasping for air
– Inability to use a pacifier
– Weak latching or smacking sounds
– Baby uses gums to latch
– Oral blisters
– Low weight
– Gulping milk

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CO2 Laser Release | Lip Tie | Tongue Tie | Adults

Ankyloglossia, or tongue-tie, is a condition where the tongue is tied to the lower mouth area by extra tissue called lingual frenulum. Left untreated, the condition causes issues in health, speech, and overall quality of life.
– Over 10,000 procedures performed
– CO2 laser tongue-tie release
– CO2 laser lip-tie release

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