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Should I Get Invisalign?

invisalign clear aligners


Invisalign | It’s been an exciting time in the field of orthodontics over the last few years. In the past, patients had fewer choices when it came to straightening their teeth. Traditional braces were about all there was. Today, you can also choose invisible braces like Invisalign. It just comes down to your individual situation and treatment goals.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an innovative system for straightening teeth that does not involve metal wires and brackets. It uses clear, plastic aligners that fit snugly over the teeth to shift them into their proper positions over time. 

Invisalign has quite a few things going for it. Some of the advantages of these clear aligners include:

  • Almost invisible
  • Aligners can be removed
  • No restrictions on what you can eat

Virtually Invisible

Invisalign aligners are made from a clear, strong plastic. Unless you choose to tell someone, it’s unlikely that anyone will know that you are being treated with Invisalign. This makes the system extremely attractive for anyone seeking an unobtrusive treatment option. Although traditional braces are not as prominent as they were in the past, they are still quite noticeable to others.


The fact that Invisalign aligners are removable makes the system incredibly convenient for the wearer. In addition, anytime you need to brush or floss your teeth, or eat, just remove your aligners and replace them when you’re finished.

You can also remove your clear aligners for activities like selfies or group photos. Even though the aligners are virtually undetectable, a camera flash could cause some reflectivity with the aligners in certain situations.

Although removability is an advantage for most patients, it can be a liability for some. If you lack the self-discipline to replace your aligners, which are required to be in your mouth for 22 hours a day, your treatment time could be unnecessarily extended, or your results could be negatively affected.

No Food Restrictions

Traditional braces are notorious for food restrictions. For example, sticky foods and snacks can stick to all of those metal wires and brackets. With Invisalign, just remove your aligners whenever you are eating and snacking.

In addition, the same beverages that can stain natural teeth, like coffee and tea, can stain your aligners, defeating one of the main advantages of these clear aligners: its invisibility.

Schedule Your Consultation

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