922 Waltham St #202 Lexington, MA 02421

(781) 861-7645

922 Waltham St #202 Lexington, MA 02421

922 Waltham St #202 Lexington, MA 02421

K. S. (Verified Patient)

I was apprehensive to go to the dentist given the situation with the virus, but what they did to
manage my safety and the safety of the employees was beyond what I expected.

N. G. (Verified Patient)

I didn’t expect to be “blown away” by Lexington Smile Studio, but I was so impressed with how
prepared they were following the new guidelines and by the care I received.

A. C. (Verified Patient)

This practice has so thoughtfully and thoroughly address[ed] all COVID concerns, and I felt safe and confident bringing my newborn here for treatment

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