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Why the Frequency of Dental Cleanings Varies for Everyone

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Most people are aware that visiting the dentist is important. However, the question of how often to do it is where a lot of people tend to have different opinions, particularly on the question of dental cleanings. Many experts suggest that a bi-annual cleaning is recommended for everyone. However, some studies suggest otherwise. Let’s dive deep into how often you should be going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned.

Why Regular Dental Cleanings Are Necessary

Dental cleanings are a necessity as they help to remove plaque, tartar, and other particles that could eventually lead to serious dental problems. This includes gum disease, cavities, and even oral cancer.

Whether or not you had dental cleaning in the past, it’s essential that you continue to have them done on a regular schedule. Many people think that this is too expensive and can actually be bad for the teeth. However, the truth is that there is no substitute for dental cleanings done by a trained professional.

How Often Should You Go to the Dentist?

The question of how often to go to the dentist is a very important one. If you are not going to the dentist on a regular basis, it is crucial that you go as soon as possible. However, what is considered a regular basis? Most people would assume that going to the dentist every six months is a good idea. However, some studies suggest that this is not the case.

For those people who are in good health, it is suggested that you only need to go to the dentist once a year. However, if you have dental issues, it’s important that you go twice a year or even more. This is to make sure that the dental issues are caught and treated before they become worse.

Cleaning Frequency Based on Risk Factors

According to a study published in the Journal of Dental Research, preventive care for teeth and gums is crucial for people who smoke or have a history of diabetes and gum disease. These people are considered high-risk individuals and should be monitored on a more frequent basis.

Compared to low-risk individuals who have none of those factors associated with them, high-risk individuals have a six times more chance of developing gum disease. It is important for them to be monitored on a regular basis and to make sure that there is no further damage being done to the gums.

More frequent dental cleanings can help prevent tooth loss for people who have multiple risk factors for periodontal disease. These individuals typically need more than two cleanings per year. For people who only have one risk factor, two cleanings per year are usually enough to maintain good oral health.


Whether or not you think you have risk factors for some kind of dental issue, it is always a good idea to go to the dentist. 

They will be able to tell you if the frequency of your cleanings is the right amount for your particular situation. Regular cleanings will help to maintain your oral health and also prevent any kind of problems from happening in the future.

Finding a dental specialist you can trust is especially important if you want to prevent problems from arising in the first place. At Lexington Smile Studio, we have the most experienced dentists and dental specialists in the area. Our dental services include cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, implant dentistry, periodontics, and laser dentistry. Whenever you need help from a Lexington teeth whitening and oral health expert, our clinic is the place to be. Schedule an appointment today!


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