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November 2020

Dentist in Lexington

Dentist in Lexington | When one or more of your natural teeth are missing, you find yourself faced with making a decision on the right replacement option for your individual situation.

Apart from dental bridges or dentures, dental implants are a fantastic replacement choice for a variety of reasons. Learn more below and contact our dentist in Lexington.

Enhanced Functionality and Comfort

Dental implants were created as a permanent solution for those with one or more missing teeth. Another treatment option, dentures, were created for placement over the gums so that they can be regularly removed and replaced.

After the placement of your new dental implant, it will function just like your natural tooth, since the artificial root will be implanted within your jawbone, fusing with it over time.

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This process creates a firm anchor for your implant that should last for the rest of your life. As a patient, what you get is a completely natural chewing and speaking feel that does not involve any pain or discomfort due to irritation or friction.

Since your new dental implant will be firmly fixed within your jaw, it will not slip like dentures are known to do. This means that it will be easier for you to chew, bite, and speak normally without worrying about becoming embarrassed by slips that sometimes occur with dentures.

No Need for Special Maintenance

Since your new dental implant will be firmly attached to your jawbone, caring for it is simple. Your dentist in Lexington will advise you. Generally, be sure to brush and floss as recommended. Dental implants can still loosen and fall out as with a natural tooth when you’re not properly brushing and flossing.

The important point is that you will not have to employ new cleaning methods or add additional steps to your existing oral care routine.

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Lowering Tooth and Gum Disease Risk

Consider what could go wrong with natural teeth next to an empty space where a tooth once was. More teeth will be exposed to bacteria causing tooth decay. Also, that empty socket can provide safe harbor for bacteria to infect gum tissue, leading to an increased risk of developing gum disease.

Dentures and dental bridges can also offer bacteria more places to hide. Dentures can irritate gum tissue, making it more susceptible to bacterial infection. With a dental implant, there is no longer any exposed empty socket, and areas between teeth can be easily cleaned. Nonetheless, your dentist in Lexington will advise you on the best teeth replacement options.

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Best Dentist In Lexington

Best Dentist In Lexington | If you need gum surgery, choosing between conventional — some might say “outdated” — surgical techniques and more modern laser treatments is very important.

To find the best dentist in Lexington for this critical task, it is critically important that you comprehend the differences between various types of periodontal surgery, including modern LANAP and LAPIP techniques.

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Periodontal Disease

Gum disease, medically known as periodontal disease, is a serious condition involving chronic gum inflammation due to the presence of plaque and tartar.

If you neglect your oral care at home, or sometimes miss a spot or two, a sticky film called plaque can form on your teeth. Eventually, this plaque hardens into something known as tartar, which can only be removed by your dental hygienist.

The presence of plaque and tartar on and around your teeth can lead to the destruction of gum tissue and bone. Your gums will become chronically inflamed and eventually infected. Your teeth may loosen and eventually fall out, which is why it is critical that you brush and floss daily at home and keep up with your periodic dental cleaning appointments.

Fortunately, periodontal disease can be reversed when detected and treated early. Even the most severe form of periodontal disease called periodontitis can be managed using appropriate treatments.

Differences Between LANAP, LAPIP and Traditional Gum Surgery

There is a huge difference between laser techniques like LANAP and LAPIP versus conventional gum surgery. The traditional form of gum surgery involves the placement of incisions using a scalpel for access into gum pockets.

After the area has been cleaned by your periodontist, additional treatments like tissue or bone grafts may be needed to regenerate destroyed bone and soft tissue.

LANAP is normally a better alternative than traditional gum surgery for the typical patient. This technique requires no incisions or sutures. It is minimally invasive and results in very little pain, discomfort or downtime. You can expect no gum line recession or smile alteration following a LANAP or LAPIP treatment.

LANAP and LAPIP are smart technologies with the ability to distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue. Healthy tissue is left intact, while diseased tissue is removed. Your healthy teeth, gums and bone tissue will not be compromised.

Differences Between LANAP and LAPIP

Although the two technologies are virtually identical, they can be used for different situations. LANAP is used to treat gum disease around natural teeth, while LAPIP is used for the treatment of gum disease around dental implants. Gum disease can cause implants to become unstable.

Dental implants are metal posts that are attached to the jawbone when a patient has lost one or more of their natural teeth. The implants serve as both a functional tooth and a cosmetic replacement.

Benefits of LANAP and LAPIP

  • Quicker recovery
  • Minimally invasive
  • Precise and effective

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