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April 2021

Dental Veneers In Lexington MA

Dental Veneers In Lexington MA | A beautiful smile is impossible to ignore. Beautiful eyes are nice, but a beautiful smile is even better! This is the reason why everyone craves for the perfect smile. Surprisingly, most people aren’t born with a dreamy smile. More often than not, the power of dental veneers creates the perfect smile you seek.

Dental veneers are a simple procedure that enhances the tooth’s color, shape, and color. Veneers can also correct other dental problems as well.

Down below are some examples:

Hiding Imperfections and Closing Gaps

If you have any misshapen teeth or gaps you may be self-conscious about your smile. Some people avoid smiling to hide their teeth. This is where dental veneers are helpful. Dental veneers in Lexington MA transform your imperfections into beauty. You will be able to smile proudly. They are created to fit your teeth perfectly to meet your cosmetic needs. They are also made to match the exact color of your tooth. Another amazing thing they do is replace one or several teeth. The dentist will use a special glue and light to make them durable.

Your Smile Will Become Brighter And Whiter

Some people may need just teeth whitening done to improve their smile, but for others that just isn’t enough. If you have severe stains, fluoride and medication may do more damage than actually help, especially if you have been using them for a long time.  Dental veneers in Lexington MA can cover up all those issues and enhance the entire look of your teeth, giving you a smile that you can only dream of.

Straighten Without Orthodontic Treatment

Some don’t like the idea of braces because of the appearance or they feel too old, veneers are an excellent alternative to suit your needs. Your smile will be well, and all of your teeth will become more aligned. This cosmetic treatment however helps minimal alignment issues. Depending on your teeth’s condition, you may need orthodontic treatment instead.

The Results Are Quicker

With orthodontic treatment, the wait is much longer and results can take months or years. Dental veneers in Lexington MA only take a maximum of two visits for a perfect smile.

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To conclude, your oral health is essential to maintaining a healthy life. We believe every patient should have access to the best cosmetic dental options.

If you’re interested in dental veneers in Lexington MA, feel free to give us a call at (781) 861-7645 . We can offer the best recommendation for your unique smile. New patients are welcome.

Lexington Dentists

 Lexington Dentists | Visiting your dentist is vital to keeping your oral health healthy. Unfortunately, many patients neglect dental checkups until something starts to bother them. You can avoid this if you maintain your dental checkups and cleanings. A common theme is missing teeth.

Learn why you should replace your missing teeth below and contact our Lexington dentists today!


There are many ways a patient can lose their teeth.

  • Old age
  • An injury near the face
  • Conditions that patients develop whether it’s teeth that are misaligned or overcrowding,
  • Gum disease, tooth decay, or a tooth infection

Missing teeth can cause the following:

  • Gums can become sensitive and start to bleed more frequently
  • Discomfort in the missing tooth area
  • Speaking clear becomes challenging
  • Chewing in that area becomes uncomfortable


  • Rejuvenates your facial shape and appearance.
  • Your speech becomes much clearer. Teeth play a big role in enunciating Also, your confidence rises.
  • Chewing improves- There are no restrictions on what you can eat. When you are missing teeth chewing hard foods is extremely difficult.
  • Your healthy teeth are “reborn”- Cosmetic options are created to match the color and shape of your teeth. Aesthetically, your replacement tooth will look and act like your natural teeth
  • Improves your smile- smiling is significantly impaired in instances of missing teeth. People with missing teeth shy off from flashing their smiles in front of others, significantly affecting their self-esteem and confidence. Replacing that missing tooth acts as a boost to your self-confidence, as you can smile proudly without fear


Moreover, there are several cosmetic options your dentist may recommend to improve your smile. Here are the following:

  • Dentures are removable mouth appliances. Dentures are recommended if you’re missing a full row or all of your teeth. Helps you regain shape and abilities to chew and talk.
  • Dental bridges are defined by the name. It bridges gaps you may have between your teeth. As a result, this is important because if a gap isn’t treated it can alter the shape of your face and affect the surrounding teeth.
  • Dental implants are the devices used to keep the cosmetic options intact. Implants are screws that are inserted into the jaw bone. It keeps dental bridges, dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures in place.
  • Above all, it is extremely important to maintain good oral health to avoid any costly dental work by your Lexington dentists. If you happen to receive a replacement cosmetic option it’s equally important that you treat them with care as well.

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Lexington Smile Studio offers an array of options to keep your smile healthy. We highly recommend scheduling a consultation to learn how best to improve your smile. New and existing patients may reach our Lexington dentists by phone at (781) 861-7645 or online. We’ll see you soon!

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