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February 2021

Invisalign Lexington

Invisalign Lexington| The days of putting up with prominently visible and uncomfortable braces is in the past now. With Invisalign Lexington residents now have the ability to straighten their teeth in an incredibly convenient way that is not so obvious as traditional braces. Both teens and adults are benefiting from this innovative treatment. Let’s take a look at what Invisalign is all about.

The Invisalign System

In recent years, traditional braces have undergone some incredible transformations. The days of bulky braces that stood out are long gone. They were replaced with smaller brackets that blend in better with teeth. Even though today’s braces have undergone advancements that improved their size, shape, and color, you may want an even more discrete way of straightening your teeth. Invisalign is such a system.

Invisalign Lexington treatment is for anyone looking for an unobtrusive method of straightening their teeth. You will not have to worry about any metal wires, brackets, or bands within your mouth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign has only been around for about two decades. So you may not be aware of what to expect from this innovative system.

What is Invisalign?

Even though Invisalign has been around for a couple of decades, similar plastic trays have been in use as retainers following treatment. The Invisalign Lexington system utilizes proprietary software to gradually shift misaligned teeth into their correct positions.

The system involves the use of clear plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth to gradually shift them and straighten your smile. You will receive a new set of aligners at each stage of your treatment plan. This is typically every week or two, but the precise time varies based upon your individual treatment plan.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign offers numerous advantages over other treatment systems, including:

  • Virtually undetectable
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Removable
  • No food restrictions

It is easier to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine with Invisalign’s removable aligners. It can be tedious and annoying to constantly brush and floss around traditional metal braces. With Invisalign, you simply remove them before brushing and flossing as you normally would. No special kits are needed to clean your Invisalign aligners; simply brush them gently using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste.

Invisalign Lexington is also a suitable treatment for athletes and musicians who play some kinds of instruments that would be difficult using traditional braces. For example, it can be difficult for trumpet players to play their instruments when wearing traditional metal braces.

You can remove your aligners at any time, including special events when you need to smile naturally, like weddings, proms, or even senior pictures.

Is Invisalign treatment for everyone?

The Invisalign system is most appropriate for teenagers and adults who already have all of their permanent teeth. Moreover, it works best for those who need correction for mild to moderate orthodontic problems.

Schedule Your Invisalign Consultation

If you are a teen or adult who needs their teeth straightened, contact us to schedule an Invisalign Lexington consultation at your convenience.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth Whitening

Millions of people have tried at-home teeth whitening treatments, only to be disappointed in their results. The fact is that whitening trays, gels, toothpastes, and kits are no match for an in-office teeth whitening treatment. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening has always been a very popular treatment due to its proven ability to produce results.

Causes of Stained Teeth

If you have discolored teeth, it can be due to a number of reasons like:

  • Regular consumption of beverages like coffee, tea or red wine
  • Smoking tobacco products
  • Taking certain medications like some antibiotics, antipsychotics and antidepressants
  • Tooth trauma, which may lay down a darker colored dentin layer to your teeth

Advantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening:

  • Professional supervision
  • Less tooth and gum sensitivity
  • Ability to whiten the teeth to a greater degree

At-Home Teeth Whitening Just Doesn’t Cut It

One of the main problems with at-home teeth whitening treatments is the weakness of the whitening gel. Your dentist is able to use a higher strength whitening gel to help you obtain superior results. 

Another drawback of at-home teeth whitening is that, even if you do notice some results, you tend to experience increased tooth and gum sensitivity. And this sensitivity can last for hours. Even days. Your dentist is able to isolate your teeth while they are being treated to keep the whitening gel away from sensitive gum tissue.

There are several different ways to have your teeth whitened professionally by your dentist. One way is having a mold created of your teeth to create a custom tray. Next, a bleaching gel will go into this tray and remain on your teeth for a specific amount of time.

Chair-side bleaching is another professional teeth whitening method in which your dentist applies a bleaching substance onto your teeth. This typically takes only one dental appointment.

Lasers can also be used to brighten your smile. First, a bleaching substance is applied onto your teeth, followed by the application of a strong laser that activates the whitening ability of the bleaching agent. This should take about one hour.

After Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Now that you have had your teeth whitened professionally, you will want to maintain your results for as long as possible. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid dark-colored beverages like coffee, tea and red wine. Do not smoke.
  • Watch out for acidic beverages, particularly dark sodas that combine acids and sugars.
  • Avoid foods with added colors that may stain your teeth.
  • The rule of thumb is that anything with the ability to stain a white shirt can stain your teeth.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening

Are you ready to brighten your smile with a professional in-office teeth whitening treatment? Call our dentist today to schedule a cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening treatment and enjoy a dramatic boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence by displaying a healthy, bright smile.


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