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Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays Lexington MA

Dental X-rays Lexington MA

Dental X-rays detect underlying oral issues. The Lexington Smile Studio team will use this information to properly diagnose and treat your dental issues. Dental X-rays detect a variety of issues, including: abscesses, cysts, bone loss, tumors, decay, tooth abnormalities, internal tooth issues, and more.

What kind of dental X-rays are needed?

Each patient will vary but below are the two most common X-rays.

Intraoral X-rays

These X-rays detect cavities while allowing the dentist to examine the teeth, gum, and jawbone condition. Intraoral X-rays include bite-wing, periapical, and occlusal images.

Extraoral X-rays

These X-rays also show teeth but are mainly used to examine the skull and jawbone. Extraoral X-rays display impacted teeth and detect issues related to the jawbone. For example, temporomandibular disorders are detected with this X-ray. Extraoral X-rays include panoramic, tomogram, cephalometric, sialography, and computed tomography images.

What happens during a dental X-ray?

Patients will be covered with an iron apron to prevent overexposure to radiation. Then, the dental professional takes images of your mouth. The process is fairly quick and pain-free. If a dental cleaning is also scheduled, the cleaning may begin while the images are being developed.

Dental X-rays are usually performed every one to two years. It depends on the patient’s needs, age, and health. Dental insurance usually covers the cost or at least partially. Each patient may need dental X-rays as part of their initial dental exam. However, only necessary images will be taken. Upon our findings, we will determine the best dental treatments needed to improve your oral health.

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