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Straight teeth are not just about looking good. Having crooked teeth can often lead to pain and discomfort. When teeth don’t line up correctly, the biting surfaces rub against each other. Over time, this can cause the teeth to wear down and break. It can also damage the teeth’s nerves and gums, leading to sensitivity and decay.

With Invisalign, you can maintain good oral health while straightening your teeth. But with the many means to straighten up one’s teeth, how would you know if Invisalign is the right one for you?

How to Know If You Need Invisalign?

One of the surest ways to know if you need Invisalign is by talking to an orthodontist. An orthodontist will assess your teeth and gums, determine the extent of alignment that needs correcting, and whether Invisalign is the right choice for you. In addition to an assessment, an orthodontist will also estimate how much time you’ll need to complete your treatment.

Here are other reasons that your orthodontist will recommend you get Invisalign:

You Do Not Wish to Wear a Fixed Orthodontic Appliance

With Invisalign, your dentist can address your whole problem without having you wear an uncomfortable metal orthodontic appliance. They can create a custom-made invisible orthodontic tool just for you. It is almost invisible, allowing you to bite and chew without annoying feelings.

With the traditional metal braces, you can’t eat whatever you like because of the difficulty of brushing and flossing. It can also irritate the gums and sometimes cause you discomfort.

You Don’t Want to Face Uncomfortable Long-Term Treatments

When you seek to straighten your teeth, you want something that can provide you with the best results but take the least amount of time. With Invisalign, you can rest assured that it will give you the best results without causing you discomfort.

You Are Not a Fan of Metal Braces

Metal braces usually look awkward in photos—they’re often reminiscent of your teenage years. They also can cause you trouble in having your teeth brushed and flossed. Also, some patients have already developed white spots on their teeth due to wearing a metal orthodontic appliance.

With Invisalign, there are no more problems with having metal wires in your mouth. You also don’t have to worry about smiling with your teeth in photos—Invisalign is almost undetectable because of the clear aligners.

You Have Insurance Coverage

Invisalign is an excellent option for people who have dental insurance coverage. In some cases, dental insurance will cover the cost of Invisalign treatment.

The cost of Invisalign is highly dependent on the complexity of the case. Most of the time, the cost of Invisalign will not be covered by dental insurance, so you will need to pay the entire price of the treatment.


As you can see, Invisalign has a lot of advantages over traditional metal orthodontic appliances. Not only does it allow you to straighten your crooked teeth without the hassle of hiding a metal appliance, but it also provides you with a brand new smile that looks fantastic with just a few simple appointments.

If you are interested in finding out more about Invisalign, the best thing to do would be to contact your nearby dentist, who offers a free or comprehensive consultation. Lexington Smile Studio offers Invisalign in Lexington. Let us help determine whether Invisalign would be the right choice for you. Visit us today!

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